At the age of 16 Fedde Benedictus (1982) suffered from a stroke and was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which caused his left body-half to be spastic (partially paralysed). Two years later Fedde finished high school and moved to Utrecht to study astronomy. He soon discovered that astronomers and physicists often hide behind their equations while the (philosophical) questions lying behind these equations remain unanswered. Fedde decided to combine philosophy and physics, and completed his PhD in the philosophy of physics in 2017. During his PhD research Fedde became managing editor for Foundations of Physics – an academic journal which connects theoretical physics to its philosophical foundations. Fedde has been teaching at Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam in 2015 and 2016 and started teaching at Amsterdam University College in 2017.

Fedde has been doing sportsclimbing (both indoor and outdoor) since 2008 and became an international paraclimbing athlete in 2016. He came in fourth at the Worlchampionship in Paris (September 2016), and is currently training for the Worlchampionship in Innsbruck (September 2018). His book on paraclimbing is scheduled to appear in August 2018.

When he’s not teaching or training, Fedde writes blogs about physics and philosophy, and about how Alice in Wonderland meets the Philosophy of Mathematics.