Book on paraclimbing

I’ve written a book about my experiences at the paraclimbing worldchampionship in Paris in 2016. The story takes you to when and where my climbing adventure began, so it begins with a sketch of the situation in which I was first introduced to the climbing experience. When the story begins it is about hospitals, surgeries and MRI scans, but also about perseverance and overcoming. About how I was doing my PhD and did sports climbing on the side, and suddenly I became an international paraclimbing athlete. This is the story of a boy who once fought for his life in a hospital bed, and how he became a young man fighting to be the paraclimbing world champion!

Unfortunately the book will be in Dutch.

To many of you this must be a gigantic anti-climax. I’m sorry. But if there is enough interest (and spare-time for me) I will make sure a translation of the work gets published.