Paraclimbing Imst 2018 final result

Imst 2018 - dag1route2

On Saturday (the first day; I had to climb three routes) I was really tired; I had a ‘bad hair day’, so I topped only one out of three routes. Usually, the routes on the second day are more difficult, so I hadn’t expected much: I expected to reach only the second or third grip… that was not the case! I climbed all three routes until about halfway. I couldn’t catch up with the other competitors after the first day, but I had a surprising Sunday! I ended fifth in my category.



Paraclimbing Imst (Aut)

Tactical update: I’m climbing six routes in the next 2 days; there are six people in my category. (4 of those are a challenge, 1 I don’t know yet, and the sixth is myself… I really want to beat that last one!). My first climb is at 14.00

Cross your fingers for me!